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Heritage Plaque

Heritage plaques have been placed on a number of properties in Loughton to commemorate either famous former residents or the building itself. The location and the inscription on the plaque are shown in the list below. All except the first are part of the Town Council's Heritage Plaque scheme.

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Inscription on plaque

Deerhurst, 50 Baldwins Hill

Sir Jacob Epstein (1880 -1959) Sculptor, lived in this house 1933-1950

Forest Villa, 7 Staples Road

The Revd. Robert Hunter (1823-1897) Lexicographer and naturalist

Loughton Park Hotel, 107 High Road (reinstalled on Collins Court )

José (Josephine) Collins (1887-1958) Music Hall artiste

96 Goldings Road (site of the former Feltham House)

William Wymark Jacobs (1863-1943) Writer of short stories

9 Woodbury Hill

William Bridges Adams (1797-1872) Inventor and polemicist, and his wife Sarah Flower Adams (1805-1848) Hymnodist and poet

Lopping Hall, 187-191 High Road

The Lopping Hall, built in 1883 out of compensation for the loss of lopping rights in Epping Forest

169 High Road (formerly Abbotts Travel)

Site of a bookshop run by Sir William Addison (1905-1992), author, jurist and historian

8 Lower Park Road

John Strevens (1902-1990) Artist

33 The Avenue

Capt. Richard Stannard VC (1902-1977) Hero of the evacuation of Namsos, 1940

Roding Valley High School

County High School for Girls (opened 1908), and Winifred Darch (1884-1960), children's author

164 Torrington Drive

Pte. Sidney Godley (1889-1957) Awarded the first VC of the Great War 23rd August 1914

70 High Road

In Salcombe House near this site lived Arthur Morrison (1863-1945), author and writer on Japanese art

11 Wallers Hoppett

At Ash Green of which this street was the garden, lived William Chapman Waller (1850-1917) Historian

97 High Road

In Algers House near this site lived John Finlaison (1783-1860) Government Actuary and first President of the Institute of Actuaries

116 Forest Road

George Granville Barker (1913-91) Poet was born here

47 Poundfield Road

Marine William Sparks DSM (1922-2002) "Cockleshell Hero" Bordeaux 1942 lived here

47/49 Baldwins Hill

Muriel Lester (1885 - 1968) & her sister Doris (1886 - 1965) peace campaigners and philanthropists lived & worked here

Staples Road Junior School

George Pearson (1875 - 1973) Film Producer, was Headmaster here 1908 - 1913

The wall of St John's Churchyard, Church Lane, Loughton

Thomas Willingale (1799 - 1870) Lopper, who helped save the forest, is buried in this churchyard

311 High Road (the former site of Monghyr Cottage, 2 Traps Hill)

James Cubitt (1836 - 1912) Architect lived and died here

Meads, 77 Church Hill

Millais Culpin (1874 - 1952) Medical Psychologist lived here

49 Forest View Road

Samuel Hazzledine Warren (1873 - 1958) Palaeontologist and Geologist lived here

22 Brooklyn Avenue

Ron Greenwood (1921 – 2006), England Football Manager, Lived here

Goldings, Clays Lane

Everard Richard Calthrop (1857 – 1927), Engineer and pioneer of the parachute , Lived here

43, Barncroft Close

Gladys Mills (1918 – 1978), Pianist, Lived here

83, Baldwins Hill

Doctor Fred Stoker (1878 – 1943) Doctor and Horticulturist, Lived here

Loughton Lodge, Steeds Way

Mary Anne Clarke (c1776 – 1852) Royal Mistress, Lived here

3 Spareleaze Hill

Ethel Haslam (1881 – 1961) Suffragette, Lived here

The Hollies, 11 Albion Hill

Sir Rowland Hill (1795 – 1879) and Francis Worrall Stevens (c1807 – c1880) who were pioneers of the Postage Stamp, Lived here

47 Spareleaze Hill

Rupert Arnold Brabner, DSO, DSC, MP, (1911 – 1945) Commander, Fleet Air Arm and Government Minister and Jean Gwenneth Brabner hospital doctor, (1913 – 1944), Lived here

28 Roding Road

Donald W Gillingham (1906 – 1965), Author of Unto the Fields, Lived here

41 The Uplands

Sir Frank Baines, KCVO (1877 – 1933) Architect. Lived here

Woodcroft School, Whittakers Way

Sir Hugh Cairns (1896-1952) Neurosurgeon, Advocate of crash helmets. Lived here

Elm Cottage, Debden Road

William Brown Macdougall(1868 – 1936) Artist and his wife Margaret Armour(1860 – 1943) Author, Lived here

1 Connaught Avenue

Braeside, this house served as the Loughton Red Cross Military Hospital (1914 – 1919)

6 Queens Road

Ralph Russell (1918 – 2008) Leading Western Urdu Scholar, Lived here

Swiss Cottage, 40 Baldwins Hill

Ken Campbell (1941 – 2008) Actor, Director & Playwright, Lived here

East 15 Acting School, Hatfields, Rectory Lane

Margaret Walker (1922 – 2013) Founder of East 15 Acting School and Theatre Workshop Director Joan Littlewood (1914 – 2002) Remembered Here

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