Annual Town Meeting 2019

Published: 15 March 2019


Alan Wintle also received an award for exceptional voluntary work on the Roding Valley Recreation


Displays were mounted by representatives from local groups, organisations and charities who received

grant funding for 2019/20. They also received certificates for their achievements.

The meeting agenda included reports from the Town Mayor and committee chairmen about the Council’s

activities and achievements during the past year and its on-going plans for the future. This was followed by

a question and answer session which allowed residents to express their views and ask questions about

issues in the town.

Cllr Stephen Murray, Loughton Town Mayor presented his report, during which he said;

"It is my strong belief that as a town council we deliver the services that we are responsible for in an

effective and cost efficient manner".

"Like last year we have spent time on issues which are hugely important to our town for which we have no

direct responsibility. These are the safeguarding of our green open spaces from development particularly

Jessel Green and Marlescroft Way green".

"The local plan inspection stage has started and we have ensured that as a town council we are properly

represented at all the relevant sessions. This will not be cheap but we felt as a town council we need to do

our utmost to save Jessel Green for as they say in the adverts, ‘once it’s gone its gone’ ".

"Following two very well attended public meetings we have kept the pressure on our local police to

maximise the police presence in our town – this is something that we will continue to do".

"Every event I have attended, of which there have been very nearly 110. I have found strong community

groups making a difference to our town in so many wonderful different ways".

"Everywhere I have been this year I have been struck by the volunteering spirit and I would like to say

thank you to all the community and faith groups that help make Loughton the wonderful place it is - thank

you for all that you do in and for our town".

After the meeting, light refreshments were served and residents were able to have an informal chat with

their councillors.