Finance and Transparency

Budget and Precept Information

The Precept is the annual amount of tax charged on each residential property in the town to fund the activities and services provided by the town council. Please note, we do not receive any of the business rates paid by shops and businesses in the town.

At the Council meeting of 25 January 2022, the precept for the financial year  2022 /23 was set at £829,663.  The committees' budget summaries are shown in the following document.

Budget and Precept information for 2023-24


Audit Matters


Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2022-23 

Notice of Public Rights 2022-23



Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2021-22

Notice of Public Rights and External Auditor Details 


Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2020-21 

Notice of Public Rights 2020-21