Annual Canvass of Electors 2019

Published: 16 July 2019



(Internet, phone or a mobile)


The annual canvass of electors will be starting again at the end of July.

Please look out for the form addressed to “The Residents”.

(Even if there are no changes to your details you need to confirm this or tell us about any changes.)

If you have access to the internet, phone or a mobile then please respond online, by phone or by text as soon as possible and by 20 August at the latest. It’s simpler, clearer and faster online or by phone – you will need the two part security code on the front of the form. This year it’s even easier to access the website by using the QR code on the front of the form. Just open the camera on your phone and hover over the QR code for a couple of seconds - it will take you directly to the household response website.

Last year instead of increasing the number of households who used the automated response options, the number actually dropped which was very disappointing. Too many people still send back the paper form even if there are no changes to the details.

Sending reminders again cost the council around £20,000 last year, money which could otherwise be spent on providing essential public services to our residents.

Remember, there might be another Parliamentary election soon so make sure you are registered by responding NOW.

You have to respond, by law, so if you do it now we won’t have to send

out a reminder or a canvasser to visit.

Helpline number: 01992 564411




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