Loughton Town Mayor

Published: 25 May 2022

Cllr Chris Pond, in his nomination of Cllr Cohen said that she had made a very good Deputy Mayor, was a valuable Councillor for St Mary’s Ward, and a leading member of the Loughton Synagogue.  These qualities will serve her well as our Town Mayor for the forthcoming year.

After her election, Barbara thanked members for the honour of becoming Loughton Town Mayor. She added that it was a pleasure and a delight serving as Cllr Rose Brookes’ deputy and acknowledged her great personality and wholesome approach to getting things done”. 

Cllr Cohen said that Loughton is set in 3,750 acres of which 1500 acres are forest, 600 acres are green belt, meadows and fields. “Of course, there is a balance between providing new homes for people that need them and keeping as much of our treasured green belt and forest as it is. 31,000 people live in Loughton and I love living here”!

Barbara intends to represent all the people of Loughton and attend as many events as she can. 

Members also paid tribute to the work of outgoing mayor, Cllr Rose Brookes, commenting how well she had fulfilled her role and put her heart into it, with a great deal of care and empathy. Local organisations that Rose attended remarked on how engaging she was at their events and the genuine warmth and commitment in the way she performed her duties.

The new Town Mayor congratulated Councillor Michael Stubbings on his appointment as Deputy Town Mayor. Michael first joined the Council in 2016 to represent Alderton Ward. In nominating him, Cllr Chris Pond described Michael as a worth Deputy, having been born and bred in Loughton, he has lived his whole life as a Loughton resident and is often seen and known by his fellow councillors walking his dog. Cllr Pond said that both Barbara and Michael will be a wonderful team.